The Career Search Process

Qualitative and quantitative research, and practical experience, have demonstrated that people which have been the most in effective career search or transition follow a process – working systematically and proactively, instead of reacting to job opportunities and postings that catch their eye. These people tend to find their next position more quickly, closer to their target role or area, and at a higher scope/salary, than those who do not.

In addition, this process has proven valuable and productive for those “in place” – seeking to advance or expand their career within their existing organization.

I work with my clients intentionally through this methodology, visualized by the infographic of a “funnel”. We adopt best practices from decades of career/job search, sales, and marketing experience – after all, two fundamental elements of career development are a) knowing yourself, and b) “marketing” yourself. We adapt this to the client’s needs and pace. I offer a wealth of materials to the client along the journey – they are outlined here, and are available to clients for download.