Coaching for Groups

Are you an individual in career shift who could benefit from the power of a group dynamic?   Are you a leader in an organization focused on better retaining and developing your employees? Are you concerned about raising the level of engagement in your staff? Are you evaluating where and how to best invest in your employees? Brainstorm possibilities with Mike.

Group Coaching

Group coaching combines the power and insight of consultative coaching, with the dynamic of group connection and interaction. People in the group gain awareness from the concepts being discussed, increased perception from focused questions from the coach, and perspectives from the others in the group.

Some areas that Mike can cover via coaching in a group setting:

  • Career Discovery workshops – guiding those in career/job search through discovering and assessing areas of skill, strength, and motivation – toward career strategy, targeting, and networking

  • Career Development workshops – adapting “career discovery/search” for an organization’s employees, toward a foundation for professional discovery and career strategy – encouraging individual career ownership and professional development

  • Team Effectiveness – assessing team dynamics, interaction, and effectiveness, including Team Personality, Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats

  • Process Implementation – applying and adapting new processes.

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